Messages from Marian apparition at Kurescek to Father Smaverski 1989-1999. The Queen Of Peace instructs and warns...

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"...Do not prove the authenticity of my apparitions and messages. I will speak myself to the hearts that are open for spiritual good..."

February 10, 1994 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

"... Do not argue with those, who do not believe, that I your Mother and Queen of Peace am also coming into the Church through the visionaries..."

April 4, 1998 and At His Last Meeting With the Lady

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The Messages of The Queen of Peace to Father Smaverski in 1994

" Praised be Jesus Christ !

I am the Queen of Peace.

I promise help, support and blessings to all of you, who have endeavoured to live according to the Gospel and to the messages that I have given here during these last four years. My sanctuary is renewed.

At this place many hearts, the sanctuary of God Himself, have also been renewed and have found peace.

All of you who have found peace and reconciliation with God and men are living witnesses of the encounter with me and my true work. You priest-confessors are also living witnesses, for the confessions at this place are a proof of true conversions.

I have promised you that this will be a place of graces for the healing of diseases and wounds of the soul for all those who take refuge in my Heart and in the Heart of my Son.

Only those who are spiritually near-sighted and blind do not recognize how God is working through me.

Do not worry about humiliating remarks.

There will be more and more living witnesses that I am granting peace and healing sick souls here.

This is a place of graces, peace and reconciliation with God and the people.Go on seeking to be my living witnesses.

Pray and take efforts to accelerate the growth of the possibilities for the construction of the church of the Most Holy Trinity, and that my voice will be heard in the whole world.

Do not prove the authenticity of my messages. I will speak myself to the spiritually good and open hearts. I ask the priests, my beloved sons, to accept my invitation and to follow me. I do not call you to a faith which is blind.

Open your hearts, so that I may enter.

Be courageous, my son!

You are not alone. I am with you and so are many faithful. Even when you will feel lonely, I will be with you. I bless you, especially those who follow me and the sick and the weak. Mark 2: 14-17

For meditation - Mark 2: 14-17  

14 - As he passed by, he saw Levi, son of Alphaeus, sitting at the customs post. He said to him, "Follow me." And he got up and followed him.

15 - While he was at table in his house, many tax collectors and sinners sat with Jesus and his disciples; for there were many who followed him.

16 - Some scribes who were Pharisees saw that he was eating with sinners and tax collectors and said to his disciples, "Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?"

17 - Jesus heard this and said to them (that), "Those who are well do not need a physician,  but the sick do. I did not come to call the righteous but sinners."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

My son, I know your distress and your pain. You are not the first to suffer from hideous accusations, lies and hatred. My Son Jesus Christ, though innocent, was sentenced to death through evil accusation.

Look at Him and you will not give up. Trust. The fire of hatred will be extinguished and become powerless. God is the judge to whom nothing stays hidden. He knows your sins and has forgiven you everything. He also knows that you have not done what some are accusing you of.

Do not fear any of these threats.

The world is full of woe and injustice.

My Heart and the Heart of my Son are terribly wounded; therefore I wish and ask and commission you to make reparation through prayer, fasting and the offering up of your sufferings for the grave offenses committed against my Heart and against the Heart of my Son.

Forgive always and accept injustice, pain and suffering with patience. Learn to value all kinds of suffering.

Only suffering accepted as something valuable can be offered up in atonement and for other purposes. Suffering, that is not accepted as something valuable, is a twofold suffering.

I know about opposition against me and against you who follow me and are obedient to my messages.

Do not be disturbed by those who do not seriously accept the divine grace God is sending through me.

Some are even behaving in an insulting way.

Be forgiving in patience.

Unite yourselves in prayer-groups and communities and consecrate yourselves to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son. Wherever two are gathered together in prayer, a third will soon join them which will form a family that can consecrate itself to my Heart and to the Heart of my Son.

I will be especially pleased if such a prayer-group is formed by married couples and their children. Pray and see to it that families become healthy and are transformed into prayer-families of my Heart and of the Heart of my Son. Be a light in the darkness.

So many of you are not baptized!

So many people are lukewarm after baptism and even dead for God without your being aware of them and without your caring for them. In spite of this some are content with their spirituality.

You do not have to go far to fulfill the mission Jesus gave you: "Go out into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel!"

This world is in your midst. Live the Gospel there. This will be the most effective proclamation. Consecrate yourselves, your families, and the nation that you belong to and the whole world through prayer, fasting and atonement, especially by meditating the mysteries of the rosary.

Rejoice over the newly baptized, especially the grown-ups who freely choose the Christian way of life.

Welcome with joy the sons and daughters who were lost, who have gotten back up on their feet and have returned into the arms of the Church. To the priests, my beloved sons, I address the great wish that Holy Mass be celebrated daily at Kurescek.

This will be a great blessing not only for Slovenia but also for the whole Church. The priests who sacrifice their time and efforts for the celebration of Holy Mass in this church will experience my blessing.

May my blessing come upon all of you, especially upon the sick and the weak and upon my daughters and sons.

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

The shrine in Kurescek is becoming a place of graces and blessings for you my children, who are coming here.

Many have already felt this, therefore they are to be living witnesses of the presence of God and of His work. Your most powerful prayer of petition is your gratitude for the graces and blessings you have already received. Forgive and be open for reconciliation with each person who has anything against you or you against him. Ask for the gift of love and the power of forgiveness. Pray for peace in your hearts.

Allow the Almighty to fill your hearts with love for life and with reverence for unborn children.

I promise you my help!

If you accept new life, your life will be more beautiful and full of peace.

You are not alone, I, the mother of God, am with you. Set up the sign of the cross and begin to pray at the place I indicated to you, where the church of the Most Holy Trinity is to be built.

Again I tell you: Live the Gospel and the messages that God is sending to you through me. The events in Medjugorje and the messages that I give to you there shall be a warning and a lesson to you.

My answer to the prayers in Slovenia shall be a witness of my presence to the world. You are saved by the grace of God.

This is my response to the faith of a small number. Heaven is waiting for your gratitude.

Do not attribute your successes to human wisdom and power.

Be on guard so that you may recognize the hand of God blessing you.

Be a light! Dark powers will only flee the light.

Priests, my beloved sons!

Each priest who opens his heart to my love and to my words is a special joy to me. Each gaze that you direct to me, your Mother, and each step with which you guide the people entrusted to you to me, increases my joy and your blessing. Woe to the priest who is without me, his Mother. The way to God is much harder and steeper for him.

Priests, my sons, love one another, visit lonely and inwardly withdrawn brothers. Entrust yourselves to my protection and help. I also bless all those who support you, who love you and pray for you. I love all of you, my children, therefore I bless you, especially the suffering and the lonely.

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

I bless you, my children, all of you who endeavour to live according to the Gospel and my messages. Striving for holiness and growth in faith is your strength. Do not doubt my help.

Do not worry about how to realize what I have commissioned you to do.

Simply open up your hearts for the divine, listen to divine inspiration and it shall be revealed to you what, when and how you are to act.

Be a temple where God abides, then my own presence will no longer be a mystery for you. Pray for priests.

Be thankful for those spiritual guides who help in spiritual growth and administer the sacraments to you. Entrust all priests, theologians, members of religious orders and those preparing to enter religious life to Bishop Vovk and to my Heart. I want you to meet me here at Kurescek and at other shrines in great numbers on August 5th.

I wish to be especially with those who have to stay at home because of sickness, obstacles or because of age. They should turn to me with faith in their hearts and I will be with them. All those who are in distress and tried through suffering I advise to recommend themselves to Bishop Vovk. Pray and sanctify yourselves, so that you become living cells in the families of my Heart and of the Heart of my Son.

Do not forget that Kurescek, too, is a place of graces for reconciliation and peace.

Pray, pray! Anyone who finds it hard to forgive should pray again and again and he will receive the gift and the strength for forgiveness.

Priests, my beloved sons!

I thank you that you spiritually care for my children at this place of graces. I protect you and bless you all. Continue your efforts and love God, the Church, myself, your bishops and superiors.

I also invite all women-religious, my beloved daughters, to remain faithful to their vows and to their superiors.

In this way they shall please God and myself. They will be bright lights in the Church and their prayer will be a source of graces for many, especially for priests.

My children, I bless you all, especially the weak and the lonely. "

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today is my day. I am grateful to God, my Creator, that He has chosen me and included me in His plan of redemption and that He has given me to you, my children, and to the Church as a Mother.

Each encounter with you is a joy for me, especially when you take to heart my messages and call. Today through my intercession and blessing I will especially be with those who have accepted my invitation and have visited me at my shrines.

I once again ask you to pray for the unity of the Church, for priests and for those who are active in the Church.

Pray and forgive continuously.

All those who live in religious houses, especially my beloved daughters, the women-religious, I call to fervent prayer for priests, for religious vocations and for peace in the world.

The priests, my beloved sons, are to provide good spiritual nourishment and carefully guide the sheep entrusted to them. In me is found good pasture and safety.

Guide the souls to me and through me to God. Be living witnesses of divine love, witnesses of my presence and work. I bless you, especially those who are making efforts and shine as a light.

All the sick, the weak, the abandoned and the lonely, all you who are in misery and desire to be close to me, I bless you in a special way."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

Be brave! Do not succumb! Trust in me as till now, since you are my son (Smaverski). You and others that trust my messages given in Medjugorje and through you will need to endure even more difficult trials.

Accept the weight of unbelief, opposition and false accusations. I will take care so that the world will know that my calls and warnings are an outpouring of the Divine Love because God loves everybody and wants everybody to be redeemed.

This message is meant for your encouragement and all priests and all of you who hear me.

Especially I ask all religious, handicapped and others to pray for good spiritual perception so there will not be anyone that will not hear about this Divine love.

Don't be afraid of the hardhearted who will always aspire to deny your words. I am Your Mother. I bless you and lead you into the spring of life and power - into the Holy Trinity."

" Rejoice with me, for my voice is being heard in ever more distant places. My children who listen to me, join for prayer in churches and at home.

More and more people are coming here to Kurescek from places far away. I am sad because of the blindness of some.

Even though they are faithful to me, they think that I only speak through one person to the Church and to the world.

God is love.

His grace is boundless, but I am the Mediatrix of these graces. God calls you, invites you, teaches and warns you through me.

Do not heed the negative remarks of those who are satisfied with a superficial spirituality.

They do have lamps, but you are to pray that they obtain oil for their lamps.

At the same time pray that you yourselves do not fall into spiritual narrow-mindedness, that your oil not run short. I repeat my greatest intention: pray for priests.

Materialism and the bad influences of the surrounding world undermine and weaken the spiritual life of many priests.

Neglect of prayer weakens resistance to evil influences and human weakness. I ask all my children to pray, fast and offer up reparation out of love for the sins against love. Recommend priests to Bishop Anton Vovk. Also recommend yourselves with your intentions to him.

I also ask you priests, my beloved sons, to pray much, to fast and to sanctify yourselves for the dark powers are working very strongly among you as well. Recommend yourselves to Bishop Vovk; he is your great intercessor. He will answer you with his intercession and the Church will recogize his role as intercessor.

All of my children, together with the priests, my beloved sons, promote the unity of the Church, unity with the Holy Father, with the bishops and priests. Your love and your working in faith shall be a sign to the world that you are my children.

I bless you all, especially the sick and the lonely. "

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

Many do not believe that God is sending me to you and that this is a special grace for the Church and for the world.

God the Father has given commandments to His people, which they should have lived according to. If God was not also a God of love and mercy, He would punish and destroy those who do not keep His commandments.

But this He did not do, rather He called and admonished them through the patriarchs and the prophets.

But in the new covenant He sends me in order to pour out a special grace upon the Church and upon all of humanity.

Through me the Father invites, calls and admonishes you and through me He makes you aware, that - as has already often happened in history - dark forces are at work with great deceit.

These powers want to rob man of faith in an absolute God; they destroy unity within the Church and they generally want to throw man into infidelity to God and the Church.

The Pope, the vicar Head of the Church, the bishops and priests and all my faithful children are a special target of the demonic powers that seek to split them and destroy everything belonging to God.

Priests, my beloved sons, and all of you, my children, stay faithful and do not be afraid. No powers can ever conquer the Most Holy Trinity and I, your Mother, am with you.

I bless you all, especially the suffering."

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" Praised be Jesus Christ!

I thank all of you who listen to me and follow me.

All of you who seek to make my voice heard in the world are a joy to me.

Call and shout out that more and more people are recognizing the grace of God that you are receiving from heaven through me.


"...Call and shout out that more and more people are recognizing the grace of God that you are receiving from heaven through me. ..."
December 3rd, 1994

"...These messages have permanent value. On 24th of September, I will give the last message from Kurescek and for Kurescek. Live and act in accordance with previous messages. From now on at Kurescek I will talk in the form of events. Messages from Medjugorje and Kurescek are priceless. Do not have them forgotten on your shelves, live them.
September 5, 1998, and At Father Smaverski Last Meeting With The Lady
on December 8th, 1999 At 8:00am In The Morning


" Do not worry about those who do not accept you and my messages. Again I say to you: Do not prove the reality of my messages and of my presence and do not convince those who do not take this as true. "
Kurescek, December 5, 1992

Through this grace the hand of God desires to protect you and to direct you and to make you aware of existing dangers.

Call out like John the Baptist: "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand."

Imitate the Pope, the servant of God, for he is the faithful Spokesman of the Head of the Church. Work together with the Holy Father for the renewal of the Church. In the documents of the Church and in the talks given by the Pope the way, the manner and the means of renewing the Church are shown to you.

Seek to understand these documents, and you will understand the signs of the times in which you are living.

I repeat this message: Pray and let each one strive for the unity of the Church, for the main goal of the demonic powers is above all the destruction of unity within the Church. Pray for the sanctification and fidelity of priests. Hearing and fulfilling the divine will revealed to you through me is a source of blessing and spiritual strength for you.

I bless you, especially the weak and the lonely."

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"... All the Mary's messages that she did not want to become publicly known at once are written in my diary.

I will make them public verbally and in written form when the time comes.

If God for some time gives me the necessary health, I will try to edit all messages into a book form, or somebody else will do it using my diary, which I will give to a very trust worthy person... "
Father Smaverski

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